Another win for Google Classroom!

Tuesday night’s class was a terrible experience for my less-than-tech-savvy self!  My goal for our Tuesday class is to get out of my busy house and back to my quiet classroom to have an enjoyable learning experience!  For some reason my school fob would not work and I had to head back home, log into Zoom using our ancient home laptop that provided me with a delayed screen at best – usually frozen – and then call a US phone number to be able to listen to the class!


When I heard Google Classroom being an option for our final project platform, I felt a sense of relief!  Even though I haven’t used it myself, all teachers and students have free accounts through our school division, as Jannae has also mentioned in her blog.  Talking with my partner, Kelly throughout the week, we have both agreed that Google Classroom sounds like the best option for us as well as the students we will be using it with.  They too are familiar with using Google apps.  Like many other schools, we have access Chromebooks which also work well with the Google Classroom platform as students log in with their google accounts.



As I have spent some time watching a few of the videos that have been posted in our Google Community, (thank you to Danielle) I see how easy it is to set up my own classroom and have the students be able to access it as well.  As another bonus…photocopying was brought up AGAIN at our staff meeting last week with a reminder of using tools such as Google Classroom to prevent students and teachers from having to print as much as we tend to do!

I also like the feature of setting the due date and even if the student has not turned in the assignment, Google will automatically hand it in to the teacher so there will be no more late assignments or at least ‘0’s for not handing anything in!  This.  is.  amazing.

I am really looking forward to see how this all looks in the end, but for now am enjoying the journey!  I am so excited to be in this class as I really feel that it is going to benefit my students and my overall teaching.  Thanks for reading and please share any of your experiences (good and bad) with using Google Classroom 🙂



3 thoughts on “Another win for Google Classroom!

  1. Great post Jessica! I too felt extremely overwhelmed with Tuesday night’s class as I have very little experience working with online platforms. Your honesty is really appreciated! My group and I have also decided to use Google Classroom. I am looking forward to seeing the potential this program has and how it can complement our course prototype project!

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