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Welcome Back!  I hope you all had a wonderful February break!  Last class I noticed there were a few people looking a little more tanned!!  I plan on being one of those lucky people next winter!

This will be me next year!

This will be me next year!

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So this week is all about thinking about our students!!  Alec mentioned in class to think about how we like to learn and if we aren’t teaching that way – how do we expect our students to be engaged!?  As I have mentioned many times, I am more of a traditional type teacher where my classroom involves lots of lecture-style lessons, class discussions, small group discussions and projects, and mainly using technology to offer different ways of completing projects and accessing information for these projects.  For my ELA class, I am using our school’s Fountas and Pinnel’s LLI resources to really focus in on reading comprehension and am able to break my class up into 4 small groups using our Educational Assistants so that our groupings have no more than 4 students.

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Kelly and I have been working on our course prototype and, speaking for myself, hadn’t thought a lot about the interaction piece prior to our blog prompt for the week!  Hmmmmm….

Looking at our LMS choice of Google Classroom,  there are some great resources embedded within this platform that will allow some online interaction between the students as well as us as the teachers.  Google Classroom allows for creating questions or posting an announcement that will be seen by all that log into the classroom.

Our course itself will be a blended-learning course where our students will be physically within our classroom still and we as the teachers will be there to monitor and assist as needed but allows for some flexibility when students are away ill, on a holiday, or for any other reason to be able to stay caught up with the rest of their peers and not get behind.  Whether they choose to do so or not is another question, 🙂 although thinking again about how I like to learn, I know the anxiety I feel when being away for a class now, or even being away on a holiday back in high school would almost be enough to make me ill and miss more school!

My goal for this week is to create the video or screen cast of part of the module for our prototype and through that process my students will be working together to assist in the creation of this video.  When they are the students taking part in our module, they will also be blogging which again allows for some online interaction between everyone.  Kelly and I were discussing this though and agree that based on the students that we are developing this prototype for, we will likely have them start off with putting their blog prompt into a Google Doc just to ensure that we are able to look over their responses before the rest of the world can.  For this reason, I am also looking forward to seeing the other course prototypes as I remember there are groups doing digital citizenship which is so important to teach students today.  I really feel like that teenage brain just doesn’t see the impact their tweets, status updates, snapchats, ….can have on others AND themselves – SCARY!

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I look forward to seeing all the many tools everyone is incorporating into their prototypes as I am truly amazed by the options out there – and have obviously only seen a spec of what is out there!  How will your module protect the safety and privacy of your students if using something similar to a blog?


7 thoughts on “Communicate and Collaborate!

  1. I love your reminder to think about how we like to learn which also reminds me that we all like to learn differently. Sometimes I think all kids love interaction which is not necessarily true. Thanks for reminding of that piece. What topic are you using for your prototype?

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  2. I am totally with you that you need to be conscience of student privacy when working with Middle Years (or in your case Grade 4’s) that are still developing their digital citizenship skills and understanding. I really feel like it’s important to expose students to the digital world and release them when they are ready. Have you explored KidBlog at all? It might be worth a look, it has lots of options for protecting student privacy and gradual release.

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  3. You can set your blog up so that only people you invite see it. You can also make it so that you moderate the comments before they are public.
    I think it’s important that students are understanding that what they put out there does stick with them, and that this is for school and does require some formality. I like to tell students that if they wouldn’t say it to my face, or in my presence then it is likely not appropriate to be posted online.

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