I am currently taking my final 2 graduate courses in EADM.  I am very excited to complete my degree and have a little more free time!  When I am not a student, I am a wife, mother to 3, and a full time teacher with Regina Public.  I am in my 12th year of teaching (including 3 maternity leaves) and have taught my entire career in the Vocational Program.

The main purpose for developing this blog is for my current EC&I 834 class titled Blended and Online Learning.  I am looking forward to challenging myself to learn more about technology and being able to bring that back with me into my classroom!  I have taken one other computer class with Alec – an ECMP class back in approximately 2002 so a few things have changed since then!

Below is a picture that still brings a big smile to my face!

Xavier - 6, Xander - 4, Xerek - 18 months

Xavier – 6, Xander – 4, Xerek – 18 months